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Behind the scenes look at KidSuper's ICONIC 2013 line.
While designing this line, I was searching through art books and studying different cultures to spur some creativity. For some reason I would always return to the same images that I thought were the most powerful, the most captivating, the most iconic. I didn't know why these images stuck out: it was a combination of color, meaning, and some distant familiarity. Some images were incredibly simple and others were fantastically intricate. I was not sure what made these very different images stand out in such a way, but I wanted to recreate this feeling. This is my attempt to show what makes something iconic.
From reversible baseball jerseys to hand painted bucket hats KidSuper Presents: ICONIC 2013

Special thanks to Issa and Ak of The Underachievers for being superheroes.

Thank You to the incredible talented Sean Phazes for bringing this beautiful video to life.

Thank You to Patrick Lada and Famous NY for the photography and production.

Directed By: Sean Phazes @seanphazes
Cinematography: Sean Phazes @seanphazes
Produced By: Patrick Lada
Photography By: Patrick Lada
Song by The Underachievers- Land of Lords
Follow The Underachevers: @theualifestyle @issa_gold @iunderachieve

"Every child is born an artist, the problem is to remain one once they grow up." Pablo Picasso

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