Candidate Wars


A silly project I tried to make go viral. 

 I realized after talking to a lot of my friends that not many of them were politically aware, nor did they know anything about the candidates. I wanted to make a little informative blog post on the KidSuper website ( about the current candidates for the upcoming election, I wanted it to be a simple description of there policies that anyone, without prior knowledge could understand. As I was writing and drawing these candidates with a friend, Jason Thompson who is the biggest star wars fan, I am talking 24 year old with life size Luke, Yoda, and Vader in his bedroom, we realized that these candidates were so extreme and so polarizing that they weren't simply human they were super heroes/villans... thus CANDIDATE WARS was created. I decided to print t-shirts out of them since I thought it was a funny way to show support or show people your politics. 

I also thought it could go super viral.