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Zoolander is my favorite movie. Hansel's secret layer inspired the hidden recording studio in the basement. 

After hearing that Zoolander was going to have a sequel, I called a Paramount Pictures licensing agent that I found from the internet and told him that I wanted to do an official Zoolander collaboration, but I would only do it with a Fashion Show with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. I thought it would be a clever way to promote the new movie. I have a friend that loves to have a huge rolodex of people, during the sony hacks a lot of peoples information leaked. One of those people who's information leaked was Jerry Stiller, Ben stiller father. His home phone and cell phone both leaked. I mustered up the courage and I cold called the cell phone, which Jerry didn't pick up, but I think it is important to note that his answering machine is him singing haha. Anyways, I called the home and a lady, who must have been there secretary picked up and I started rambling saying I was already in works with Paramount Pictures for licensing rights and